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Beds by George doesn't just build SAFE beds, we try to consider the Developmental Impact / Growth of the people who use our products.

When working with fragile, weak, or disabled people we believe that every effort should be made to maximize an individual’s unique potential by using all means possible for development, education, and life experiences provided appropriate safety measure are observed.

 How does that apply to beds?

First, the caregiver must consider the individual conditions of the patient because every patient is different and adaptive beds should be obtained to address that patient's specific needs.  One of the unique designs we offer is the ability to have a "split rail" swing door which allows for several supremely important physiological and psychological life skills to be encouraged, such as getting into or out of bed.

This philosophy is supported by modern therapy techniques which proactively seek to incorporate the patient into as many “normal” environments, activities, and skill training as possible without sacrificing safety to help them maximize their potential. In other words, help the person live as normal a life as possible, with as few barriers as possible and still be safe.

This concept is also adopted by the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA). IDEA mandates that special education students be placed in “the least restrictive environment with the appropriate supports”. This assists in the development of the student (and often the peer group as well) and has widely been called "Inclusion" or "The Inclusion Model."

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