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The little extras that transform a basic Safety Bed into something Beautiful and Personal
Beds By George handbuilt by Amish Craftsman
Turned Posts - The strength of a BBG safety bed starts with the rock solid wood corner posts which provide the needed stability for rails, headboard, and doors. We are able to offer a slightly taller post that has the top turned on a lathe for a different aesthetic look without sacrificing strength.  This is not a separate piece of wood, this finial is carved from the solid post itself in a process called "turning" on a large lathe. Beds By George Sample Turned Post 
turned post Accent Carving on Headboard

Turned posts attached to Colonial Headboard with Accent Carving

Accent Carvings – there are three wood carvings that we can apply to your headboard, footboard and doors. See pics below. We also use the Soothing Wave as a companion carving that is available for the door panels. All carvings are finished to match the bed unit. The approximate dimensions are below. These styles change periodically so be sure to check when ordering that your design is still available.
Beds By George Accent Carving Chantilly
Beds By George Accent Carving Serenity
Beds By George Accent Carving Soothing Wave


4 1/4” x 14 1/4”
306 - C207A


3 1/8” x 14 ”

Soothing Wave

1 3/4”x9 3/4”
301 - C211

NEW!  Engravings - create a custom text engraving in your headboard.  Popular choices include: names, quotes, poems, verses, mottos,  etc.

Custom Engraving

custom engraving

*Colors are for reference only.  Colors will vary between computer screens.  Stain does not look the same on different wood species.

All images on this page are for general reference only. Electronic reproductions should not be used for accurate color match. In addition, slight color variations will occur with any handcrafted, natural wood product. We reserve the right to make product changes without notice.