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Medically appropriate safety beds are not "one size fits all."  BBG beds can have accessories added to increase the functionality of your bed.  

All BBG adaptive beds come standard with a full frame, Bunkie board, and special medical mattress


Doors are built using a stile and rail construction with panel inserts. This  design is very strong, prevents warping and allows the customer to be able to use a panel or a mix of panels to address the clinical needs of the user.

Clear View Panel

Hi density acrylic 1/4 inch thick.  This system allows for greatest visibility

Air Flow Panel

This panel allows for visbility and free flowing air. This addresses clinical diagnosis that include difficulty in regulating body temperature.

Raised Panel

Solid wood with beveled edge on one side, completely flat on the back.  The solid panel reduces sensory input which is a non-chemical treatment for sensory sensitive diagnosis.
Beds by George Clear View panel Beds by George Air Flow Panel
Dream Series Only
Beds by George raised panel
Dream Series Only


Our beds are heavy for greater strength and stability.  You can add wheels to most beds to make it easier to reposition or just move when its time to change the sheets or clean.


IV Pole

Many patients find an attached IV pole to be helpful.  We build and finish the mounting brackets to match the bed you've selected.  You can attach the pole to any corner post.

IV pole

Padded Interior

Sometimes patients need a little softer interior.  We offer a fabric covered foam pad that surrounds the mattress.  It is removable and washable. See fabric colors below or download.

Pic coming soon.

Our beds with pads are slightly oversized so once you have a padded interior you must always have a pad in place to prevent unsafe gaps from occuring.  It is also difficult to add a pad later, usually resulting in needing modifications to bed frame or new bed altogether.

Access Ports

A useful addition to head or footboards whenever tubes are needed to reduce tangling and wear on the hoses.  We can also do multiple ports and custom placement.

IV pole

Windows Head and Foot

Increase visibility for both patient and caregiver by adding windows to head and/or footboard.  Airflow panels can also be used.

IV pole

Beds by George

Bed Drawers

bed drawers open

Storage Drawers

You never have enough storage.  Now you can add storage drawers to several BBG bed models.  Conveniently located under the mattress these wide and deep drawers are full extension, ball bearing tracks. The construction is full dovetail with solid fronts, back, and sides - unheard of in modern furniture.  Built from the same quality materials as the bed, of course.
Drawers located on one side of the bed only.

Available on DREAM Series only.  Not available on electric beds.
Beds by George Mesh Safety Canopy

Beds by George Mesh Safety Canopy

Mesh Safety Enclosure "Canopy"

Some patients need extra enclosure safety which is why we've developed a mesh and fabric topper that can be added to many of our bed models.  Stretched over an extremely tough tubular aluminum frame, the canopy has mesh on all sides and over the top with fabric reinforcements.  The unit bolts onto the top of the posts, adding roughly 15 inches of additional safety height.  The safety enclosure does not open, but is removable for washing if extreme cleaning is required.  The mesh is white, and you can choose from many standard colors for the fabric. More information click HERE.

All images on this page are for general reference only. Electronic reproductions should not be used for accurate color match. In addition, slight color variations will occur with any dyed fabric as well as with any handcrafted, natural wood product. We reserve the right to make product changes without notice.
Mesh and Vinyl Topper