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The little extras that transform a basic safety bed into something beautiful.  The options on this page are strictly for the DREAM series of beds only. 

Headboard / Footboard: We offer 3 choices of headboard / footboard

Colonial Headboard   

Hemisphere Headboard
Straight Style
                  Colonial Style                
Hemisphere Style

* Headboard and Footboard are identical

Turned Posts:  This is not a separate piece of wood, this finial is carved from the solid post itself in a process called "turning" on a large lathe.
turned post          Beds By George Sample Turned Post

Accent Carvings:   There are three wood carvings that we can apply to your headboard, footboard and doors.
Beds By George Accent Carving Chantilly
Beds By George Accent Carving Serenity
Beds By George Accent Carving Soothing Wave


4 1/4” x 14 1/4”
306 - C207A


3 1/8” x 14 ”

Soothing Wave

1 3/4”x9 3/4”
301 - C211

Engravings:  Create a custom text engraving in your headboard.  Popular choices include: names, quotes, poems, verses, mottos,  etc.

Custom Engraving

custom engraving

Stain Colors:  We proudly use only Amish Certified Stains which are EPA friendly and meet all requirements for KCMA and AFMA. For proper care and maintenance of your Fine Furniture Finish, click HERE.

Natural Oak 

Fruitwood on Oak

Natural Oak
Fruitwood on Oak

Michael's Cherry on Oak 

Asbury on Oak

Michael's Cherry on Oak
Asbury Oak

Rosewood on Oak

White Paint

Rosewood on Oak

Washington Cherry on Oak

Beds by George Full Side Bed


"We use only the highest furniture grade hardwood planks - no particle board, laminates, nor plywood except for our moisture resistant coated bunkie board.   Only the best furniture today is made with this quality of wood throughout, because the durability and beauty of real wood is second to none." - George

Furniture grade wood when handled with care and properly finished is one of the warmest, most beautiful materials in the world for furniture. Every species of wood has its own set of characteristics and unique qualities. We have hand selected three varieties that are all suitable for our products but have very different grain patterns and finishing qualities. Please remember that no two boards are ever alike. Part of the charm of real wood is the imperfections and color variations inherent to any 100% natural product. 

* The picture and descriptions below are guidelines only and meant for general reference only

Northern Red Oak

The Northern Red Oak is mostly straight grained with a coarse texture. Even when finish sanded and finished the grain is evident to the touch.  The wood is hard and heavy.


Brown Maple

Maple varies in color from light to dark reddish brown depending on its growing area. Some maple is very straight grained.  We use Brown Maple which has more of the naturally occuring grain patterns  such as "curly", "fiddleback", "tigerstripe",  and "birds-eye". 

Brown Maple

For proper care and maintenance of your Fine Furniture Finish, click HERE.

All images on this page are for general reference only. Electronic reproductions should not be used for accurate color match. In addition, slight color variations will occur with any handcrafted, natural wood product. We reserve the right to make product changes without notice.