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showing the BBG trademark dual door system

Multiple Bed Lines

to better meet a wider range of clinical needs.

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Rigid Side Beds

Slumber Series Dream Series
Standard Door
Single door that swings down approximately 22 inches above a non-adjustable mattress

Beds By George

Beds By George

High Side Door
Featuring the BBG trademark hinged door system that folds against side rail extending approximately 32 inches above a non- adjustable mattress

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Beds By George

Beds By George

Need an adjustable mattress?  Click Dream or Slumber to see what options are available.

IV poles, casters, interior padding, and canopy top added available on many of the beds pictured here.  See Add - Ons for  more information.

Mesh Side Beds
The new HAVEN bed
Full Mesh Bed
Featuring the technology and proven fabric and frame system used for years on our mesh safety enclosure for our rigid side beds.  We are proud to introduce a full mesh bed with approximately 50 inches interior height and low transfer height in both fixed and manual control articulating deck.

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Slumber Series

The Slumber Series is a more basic line with fewer options to satisfy that client that doesn't want or need the myriad of options available on the Dream Series.  These units are still handbuilt by Amish Craftsmen using a combination of solid wood and high quality engineered wood.  These models are available in the standard single door or hi side dual door.  

Dream Series

The Dream Series offers more clinical features when basic safety is not enough.  BBG offers a range of modifications and accessories because we know firsthand that every medically fragile, disabled or special needs patient is different.  These units are all solid wood for greater longevity and lower chemical impact on the patient.  Compared to the Slumber, the Dream offers more square inches of visibility,  3 clincial panel choices in the door design, significantly increased visibility, lower chemical environment, greater clinical modification options, ventillation slats, more aesthetic features and longer unit longevity.  These models are available in the standard single door or hi side dual door.


The Haven bed offers the highest level of "soft safety" among the Beds by George products.  While rigid side beds can have padded interiors, a full mesh side offers more ventilation and a softer side.  The fabric is stretched over a rigid heavy duty tubular aluminum frame.  Foam is sewn into the fabric to pad the vertical frame.  One of the most important aspects to the design of the Haven bed is that the fabric can be tightened easily without disassembling the bed.  This is particularly important to prevent the fabric sag that occurs over time on all mesh sided beds, and for maximum safety and usability, the material needs to remain taut.  Another significant feature the the fabric is removable and machine washable in a normal household unit without having to dissamble the bed.